Thursday, 6 May 2010

1st week Wednesday

Today I woke up a year older. It took me a while to motivate myself to roll out of my comfy bed out into the cold. Flashes of last night’s conversations came to mind. It was the house dinner which lasted about 7 hours. There was the traditional marinated raw fish and onions, lots of cabbage, eggs and pickles, and of course vodka.
We were in the ceramic room because it's the warmest and biggest room in the factory. We talked a lot about our journeys to this point, our experiences, ways of living, projects we'd stuff we wanted to do, hairiness (male and female), boob jobs, sex maniacs, aura photography, loneliness of cities, maths, cats, mice... All the important stuff!

So today when I'd got myself together I went for a walk to the old town. I made some postcards and took pictures and did the tourist thing. I found the train station where I got a hot pizza for about 50p - it was heaven after all the cabbage!

Didn't really do any work today. I'd started editing some footage from a few months ago. I think I'll get on with that this evening and start on the paper tomorrow. In the meantime here are some pics from today.

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